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Thursday, August 25, 2011

San Antonio Area Technology Directors Meet to Discuss Technology and Budgets

San Antonio Area Technology Directors from the education industry met today at South San Antonio ISD. This is group meets quarterly to discuss issues and trends, as well as to share ideas. The most sobering talk today was around the Texas House draft budget and the elimination of the state Technology Allotment, which has been a cornerstone of school district technology budgets all over the state of Texas. Technology has become a vital part of all district operations, while most districts have let the state of Texas fund a large share of their costs. Now this money is looking like it may no longer be available in the upcoming biennium; many folks fear that this means schools will end up having computers with lifecycles of 10 years or more, and many in the group feel that they or their staff may end up without a job. The hope is that a compromise budget may be less drastic, although everyone realizes that cuts will happen across the state....
2011-01-20 09.34.05.jpg
2011-01-20 09.34.05.jpg
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